Ecology and I

 Ecology and I

With the support of Peace First and Atlas4dev, Saturday, June 5th, 2021, was chosen by mutual agreement to implement the “ECOLOGY AND I” project in the village of Gapé in Togo. This project consisted essentially of training the inhabitants of the said village on the practice of ecological agriculture and responsible wood management.
The delegation led by the coordinator of the project, Miss Jeanine Akouvi AGBO, arrived in Gapé around 9:00 am and was immediately welcomed by the first village officials. After the words of welcome from the secretary of the village chief, we introduced ourselves to the audience. The moderator of the training Mr. Jacques DABLA introduced Miss Jeanine Akouvi AGBO to speak to the audience about the project “ECOLOGY AND I” for which we came in their community. Miss Jeanine Akouvi AGBO also spoke about the misdeeds of the anarchic felling of trees, she especially emphasized the role that trees play in the fight against global warming. Then followed a presentation by Mr. Kossi-Messan Jacques AGBOKA on sustainable agriculture practices as an effective way to fight against climate change and especially how agriculture contributes to global warming through the emission of greenhouse gases.

This was followed by question and answer sessions for further clarification of everything that was said during the training. Mr. BOUKARI Moubarak had talked to the audience about the importance of improved stoves. Mr. TELOU Atabanam and Mr. BADOHOUN Yao also clarified some grey areas and answered the concerns of the participants. Mr. Paul FIDEWU was in charge of interviewing the wife of the township chief and other participants after the training.
Finally, improved stoves were distributed to the participants, photos were taken and interviews were conducted for the occasion. Trees were planted in various places in the village such as the high school of Gapé and many other places.

Miss Jeannine Akouvi AGBO

Mr. Kossi-Messan Jacques AGBOKA

Mr Koffi Gavi Jacques DABLA

Mr Mubarak BOUKARI


Mr. Atabanam TELOU


Editor of the article Kossi-Messan Jacques AGBOKA (Agricultural engineer), contact 0022893486104.

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