Action For Quality Education in Sudan

 Action For Quality Education in Sudan

Impact Sudan Initiative has launched its first project “Action For Quality Education in Sudan” under the theme Impact my Future. The project was implemented in Khartoum Model Secondary School for girls in Sudan for a period of three days starting from the 22nd of Feb 2021. The overall objective of the project was to inspire and empower high school students aged (13-18) by introducing different specializations to have career aspirations as well as having more women representation that will contribute greatly to closing the gender gap in Sudan by 2030. In addition, we want to encourage girls to join more challenging fields such as STEM majors. We had role models representing those fields such as physics, Engineering, Chemistry & Mathematics. We had specializations from fields that need more women representation like police, Law enforcement, environmental and biological studies as well as Photography and Graphic Designing.

During the project various sessions and workshops were conducted, including;

• Career aspirations, Employment, and increased access to higher Education for girls session

• Solution Mapping Workshop.

• Sustainable Development Goals Workshop.

• Scholarships and International programs session.

• COVID-19 and preventive Methods Workshops.

Many thanks to our partners Peace First🇺🇸 and Atlas For Development🇲🇦 For their generous support and belief in youth abilities to lead Social Change. Let’s Shake Things Up. 

500 local high school students have received the inspiration message in Khartoum Model Secondary School

The project post has reached 5,600 out of 9,934 followers who have been introduced to our project and could
learn more about its objectives.

The volunteers handed a questionnaire to the students to measure the impact of the project;

More than 450 students stated that they have been highly touched up by the inspiring message that the project was aiming to deliver.
• The remaining 50 Students have stated that a 3-day program was not enough to fully receive the impact, and they would love the initiative to have more visits to their school.

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