Inclusive education

 Inclusive education

Being inspired by the 2063 Academy, Emmanuel Nuvalga founded (ECFAW) Equal Chances for African Women which is working with the youth to tackling gender injustices.

From a virtual program to concrete action

On the 22nd of March 2021, ECFAW carried out an intervention movement to rural girls’ education by distributing 96 literacy materials to over 40 rural Girls in the RCM Primary School Agaragu Lafia Local Government area of Nigeria. In the hope of achieving¬†the Aspiration 6 of the Agenda 2063.

Thank you atlas4dev, for bringing this knowledge to us African Youth to building our continents ourselves.. РEmmanuel Nuvalga

During their activity, the ECFAW Discovered that most of the students are facing suffered several challenges ranging from broken classes to no study desk or even the right to access to drinkable water. These issues are similar to over 6 surrounding schools in that community.
These are the next face of projects ECFAW is intending to carry out for the conformability of these rural girls as solicited by their teachers.

Besides mapping out the issues in the school, many topics were raised via a discussion the ECFAW had with more than 100 youth:

– Women’s Under representation in African Presidential positions.

– Women’s stigmatization in African Societies as a result of culture and tradition.

– Girl Child Marriages and deprived educational opportunities to Young girls especially in the Northern parts of Nigeria.

Three main recommendations were raised:

1. There should be agencies or NGOs that should focus on sensitizing boys who in feature will give women equal rights in all rounds of life.

2. Girls emotional intelligence should be awakened for them to know their rights and champion their liberty.

3. Governments should support this kind of youth transformational movement in order to transform African Feature Leaders for good.

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