DON LI SO COCO: How Mauritius youth are working to protect their environment

 DON LI SO COCO: How Mauritius youth are working to protect their environment

‘DON LI SO COCO’ is an initiative by a dynamic team from Mahebourg who wants to shed light on how part of many edible items is dumped, adding up to global pollution. Mauritius, being an island, which has a climate-friendly environment for coconut growth, treats the leftover coconuts such as coconut husks as waste. Our team, therefore, aims to do a ‘makeover’ of these husks by turning them into beautiful coconut pots which are 100% biodegradable. Additionally, due to COVID-19, the world has faced the worst economic recession since the great depression where the GDP per Capita is expected to decline by 4.2% in 2020. This concept of Coconut Fibre Pots shall open doors that have not been well explored despite the resources in terms of the main materials that are the coconut husks that are available in Mauritius. Thus, this will give a boost to local production since raw materials will not have to be imported as such encouraging import substitution and instilling a new dynamism in the Mauritian exports, which will increase the GDP of Mauritius.

Serious Issue!

3 out of 4 Coconut vendors, planters and religious practitioners throw their coconut husks.

94% Stakeholders use plastic pots to plant at home, in plant nurseries and offices

7.4% Of unemployment rate in Mauritius as of March 2020


Using the coconut pots as a solution to the above issues, it comes along with some advantages. These are that:

It can be transplanted in soil

If your plant grows too big, you may transfer it into soil with the pot as the pot will decompose naturally

Water retaining abilities Coconut fibre

 Holds water well hence you do not need to water your plant often and simply water the pot!

Nutritious and prevents roots caging

The fibre contains minerals essential for plant growth, and the pot allows roots to breathe through.

The coconut pots are 100% eco-friendly, natural, biodegradable Easy, cheap & healthy product.

Yeshna Aodhorah

Pot testing – Farei who donated expertised and citronelle seeds during our product testing phase. Jci seed library who donated vegetables seeds to test our product reliability.

2. Sponsorship- SDWorx sponsored materials like blowtorch for the production of pots Teamonite sponsored us with branded t- shirts to give to members and volunteers

3. Beneficiaries – Mauritian Wildlife Foundation who donated us 30 ebony trees and in exchange accepted 10 coconut pots to try at their ile au aigrettes nursery. Religious bodies such as trois boutiques mandiram, tamil shanda courananada who received pots and trainings Schools such as Quartier militaire govt, school, bhujorry govt. School, mitd,

4. Project Branding – Kooshal Kashi who designed our logo and posters

5. Project Promotion – SME MAURITIUS who received training from us ASCENCIA MALLS ( BO VALLON & SO’FLO) whereby we had our expo ventes Sofap Ecohub who supported us in conducting training to teams by providing location

The results of the social project were very satisfactory. Our survey indicates effects such as

Reuse of waste into biodegrable pot

Many of these coconut husks (n  ≥ 80), especially by religious bodies and hospitality industry in Mauritius, are thrown on the road and they end up causing insects proliferation. By reusing this waste into a reliable and useful planting pot, environmental sustainability is encouraged.

Provide alternative in plastic pot

Due to lack of alternatives in planting in Mauritius, stakeholders end up buying plastic ‘bots’ or pots. By providing this alternative (n ≥ 70) , there is a decrease in plastic use with will ultimately promote environmental healthy action.

Increase in knowledge of environmental action strategies

The age grouped that were touched during our sensitization campaigns are children (n ≥50), adults (n  ≥ 100), adolescents, unemployed women (n  ≥ 40), religious practitioners (n  ≥50), working adults (n  ≥26), and university students (n  ≥ 10).

A cheap and easily made alternative

“Very innovative “

“Very nice initiative…”

“…very good alternative…”

“ …keep up the good work… “

Feedback of the beneficiaries

The materials required in production are easily found such as fire, mould and tweezers.

Employment opportunity + profits

Unemployed people may make use of this attractive and lucrative opportunity in order to sustain a 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly source of income for we made expo-vents and successful sales on order to a religious body (25),  on expo vents (26), on order to the public (5), on donation to cooperating bodies (4)
The profits made in sale were  25 * 25 =500 + 26 * 26 = 650 + 5* 25 = 125 + 4 * 0 = 0 summing up Rs 1125 /.

Thus resulting in

Social, economic and ecological benefit

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