Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and Infant Care

The Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) and Infant Care workshop was hosted at the ELWA hospital on March 28, 2021. Tt’s primary objective was to educate teenage mothers and pregnant teens on their sexual reproductive health Rights and also train them on how to take care of their babies, since 90% of them are new mothers. we targeted teenage mothers and pregnant teens on the first face of this project because we don’t want them repeating the mistake that have been made, by  having a child at an early age due to lack of information on SRHR.

The workshop basically thought teenage mothers and pregnant teens on their Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR), how to observe their menstrual cycle, how to use contraceptive and the importance of using them and finally, how to properly care for their babies. 

Our key achievement was that Participants gain knowledge on the advantages and disadvantages of contraceptives, and their types. 

Participants gain knowledge on menstrual heath and menstrual  cycle. And finally Participants gain knowledge on infant care.

Participants also recommended that we run this workshop in schools as well, to educate young girls at their age on their SRHR. The workshop impacted 21 teenage mothers and pregnant teens.

After the Information & Q/A sessions, the child care initiative donated packages to teenage mothers and their babies, containing basic necessities, such as; Pampers, powder, baby wipe, sanitary pad, and etc. 

We most grateful to most to our individual Sponsors and the Young Parents Engagement Program (YPEP) for making this activity a success.

And based on the recommendations we got, we are more then happy to run this workshop at schools, communities and other places, but for this to work, we will need sponsors and partners. We are open for partnership in supporting this Program, any individual or organization interested, can reach us through our email or Facebook page.

Written by: Joelyne T Kerneah and Pewu M Willie

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