Sparknuit: Lightening your path

 Sparknuit: Lightening your path

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, over a cup of coffee, at the end of a conference on social entrepreneurship, an interesting discussion around renewable energies had begun after one of the attendees, who is now one of the founders of the project, had shared anecdotes about his childhood

He summarized it as “in a dark room”. He then moved into explaining in more detail that in a city in Nigeria, where he is from, there was no access to electricity. This latter added that, in addition to discomfort, it highly limited the skills development of people. Similarities between Nigeria and Morocco were then discussed, which emphasized on the inequalities and social gaps that the countries are facing within themselves. Indeed, some of the biggest cities of Morocco, for instance, are developing at a very quick pace while smaller villages are neglected. In front of so much frustration and a felt privileged, the idea of this project has risen.

TIFAWT BOX is an eco-friendly lighting solution using renewable energy sources. It is a simple, accessible, convenient, unharmful, sustainable and environmentally friendly lamp produced in Morocco with one objective: To provide efficient, sustainable, and affordable lighting solutions to vulnerable and neglected populations who have limited or no access to electricity. Thus, Sparknuit aims to empower students, increase families’ income and allow them to be safe using a light source.

In this project, which was launched in February 2021, and after successful participation at the 2063 Academy in its 2nd edition, Sparknuit team has targeted a village that has limited access to electricity and frequent power cuts, and distributed seven TIFAWT BOXES to different families in the Atlas mountains, in the village of Asflala in the Haouz region.

From the 12th to the 14th of March, the team visited these families and provided them with the devices. Thanks to their great hospitality; we have been able to spend a night with one of the families and had the opportunity to meet and profoundly exchange with the children of the village, who shared with us the difficulties they are facing when it comes to studying at night and commuting to school since there are no streetlights. Indeed, due to the regular power cuts, the only sources of lighting at night are candles or gas, which can both be very dangerous to children doing their homework at night. As a matter of fact, we have been told that many accidents have occurred in the past; with houses catching fire and people getting hurt. As mentioned previously, our device is offering a safer and more performance alternative.

These testimonies confirmed our belief that these devices are going to facilitate these people’s lives and emphasized on the importance of this project in contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of some local communities.

In terms of feedback, one of the recommendations was to add USB slots in order to charge phones, another one was to add adaptable cables that could be used with different rechargeable lamps. We believe that those are very relevant suggestions, and we are planning on working on it in the future to improve the performance of our devices.

Naturally, the founders of this project being Nigerian and Moroccan, this project will be implemented in Nigeria as well in the upcoming months.

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