Dr Fatima Driouech

Associate professor at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University

She is engineer graduated from the National School of Meteorology in Toulouse, and a PhD in sciences of the universe, environment and land surfaces of the Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse. Fatima Driouech is Vice-Chair of Working Group I of the IPCC and a lead author of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report.

She is also member of the Management Group of the World Meteorological Organization Commission on Services and Vice-chair of their Climate Stading Commity.

She led and participated to several studies on climate and climate change and has different publications in this area."

11.00 AM - 12.00 PM Discussion

Monday 23rd Nov

Overview of the challenges and opportunities in Africa

The African region or the mother continent, known for its abundant natural resources and favorable conditions, creates a multitude of opportunities for all.

The session aims to introduce the different challenges Africa is facing but also how to switch these challenges into opportunities for youth