M. Abderrahim Ouadrassi

CEO and founder of the SAIFHOTELS and President of EUROAFRICA FOUNDATION

Abderrahim Ouadrassi

He studied at the Mohamed V University of Rabat, in the branch of English PhilologyMBA from Camilo José Cela University and Master in Tourism Business Management at ESERP. Graduated from the DALE CARNEGIE training and winner of the highest award of merit.

CEO and founder of the SAIFHOTELS chain, which manages several hotels in Morocco. He is also CEO of RELASTATIA real estate. He has worked as a weekly contributor to the Balearic newspaper Última Hora, on internationalization issues and economic news. He is currently the president of the EUROAFRICA FOUNDATION, which seeks to integrate and facilitate commercial, cultural and institutional links between the two continents.


12:00 pm - 13:00pm GMT+1 Workshop

Saturday 28th Nov

Africa-Europe: from COVID-19 to Recovery

Europe is living in a temporary depression that seems to come to an end in the following months.

On the other hand, Africa has managed its own COVID-19 crisis with less damages than Europe and the Americas, but once the pandemic is over and those continents make a re-start, where's Africa's starting point with respect to its European partners?

It's still a migration-problem-only view for Europeans or will Africa be able to seek further partnerships? 

Will Africa's voice be heard in the recovery budgets of the European Union? 

Borders will re-open, but will Africa and Europe rely again on walls, razor-wire fences, and such?