M. Aoudou Mounchili

AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub

Aoudou dedicates his time advocating for access and quality of education and implements alternative education solutions to equip youth with the skills and competencies they need to express their full potential. Founder and Executive President of Rural Youth Development Council, He has extensive experience transforming the challenges of rural areas into opportunities.

11.00 AM - 12.00 PM Workshop

Wednesday 25th Nov

Managing successful initiatives in the post covid context

The COVID 19 pandemic has created new needs of skills in the project management field. Project managers, like everyone else, must adapt to the new standard:
confinement, migration from physical workspace to virtual workspace, remote work, and so on. Despite this migration, the requirements in terms of results remain the same. During this, 1-hour workshop participants will have the opportunity to learn the basics of how to manage successful initiatives in this context. We will talk about setting aim and objectives, how to prepare and manage the budget, how to communicate our initiative, and finally how to monitor and evaluate the activities. The AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub, delivering this workshop has been engaged since 2018 in remote work around Africa and Europe on Education and skills, Peace and security, Business & Entrepreneurship, Environment, and climate change, Governance, Digitalization, Culture arts & sports.