Mrs. Chidi Koldsweat

Founder, Lead Strategist, Donors for Africa Foundation

Chidi Koldsweat is the founder, Lead Strategist, Donors for Africa Foundation (a grant management organization) working actively with Governments, Funding Institutions, the Private Sector, Philanthropy Organizations, NGO’s and Social Impact Leaders to break cycles of poverty.

With over 12 years in years’ experience in the development space, working across sectors such as health, gender (women and girls in leadership, business, and politics), organizational management and sustainability strategy, she is currently pursuing a leadership certificate in International Organizational Management from the University of Geneva and earned a Master’s degree in Public Administration and International Affairs from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. 

Chidi has received several awards and recognition including flying the Nigerian flag at the launch of the Arab-African Youth Platform in 2019, pitched her organizations work at the World Bank Youth Summit. In 2014, CEO Global gave Chidi an award as a Finalist, Africa’s most influential woman in management, business & public service (civil society category).

12.00 - 13.00 PM Workshop

Wednesday 25th Nov


During this workshop, the participants should have a clear understanding of donor management and retention,know the different ways they can engage donors to improve their donor retention. Also, learn more about their donor community and how they respond to their fundraising campaigns.