Mrs. Nezha Alaoui

Entrepreneur, Author and Advocate for women's development

Founder and CEO of The Mayshad Group, a women
centric comprised of enterprises, dedicated to
leadership, development, diversity, and inclusion.
Nezha is a global advocate for the economic
empowerment of women with an active community of
She hosts conferences and events, bringing together
policymakers, corporate leaders, and activists to build
awareness and implement strategies to reach the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Nezha runs from New York City, JOINMAYSHAD,
a network of highly accomplished women across the US. Through her platform, she works with brands,
corporations, and institutions on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives and campaigns.
She recently wrote and published “Be a leader” at Post
Hill publishing, a book on the 12 fundamental values of
Nezha’s newest venture in Tech, ''CHOICE', is a natural step forward in the evolution of the Mayshad Group, an innovative, next-generation social network platform for women executives and founders.