Mrs. Soumaya Zaki

KL-YES alumna, Founder of Mission:Elle
Mrs. Soumaya Zaki is a Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange and Study program alumna. She is passionate about women empowerment and her passion led her to found Mission: Elle, an NGO that aims to coach young girls into confident healthy successful female leaders. It provides the opportunity for young girls to improve their soft skills and join a supportive inspiring network of ambitious female leaders.

In her community, Mrs. Zaki is very active in many social projects including a weekly workshop she leads in the sociocultural center of her city. The workshop is known as "Cre-Activity" is an opportunity for participants to improve their creativity and explore their imagination through creative writing and improvisations exercises. She was voted person of the month of October 2020 due to the great efforts she's put in this workshop and to the positive feedback from participants.

04:00 - 5:00 PM

Thursday 26th Nov

Cre-activity: Improve your creativity through fun and creative activities

Creativity is an important skill to have when solving problems and leading projects. The Cre-Activity workshop is an opportunity for participants to improve their creativity skills and explore their imaginations through creative writing and improvisation exercises.