Ms. Mary Luce Fiaux Niada

Program Officer for Tanzania and Gender Focal Point at the East and Southern Africa Division of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

Before returning to Bern in her current role, she spent several years in Benin as Regional Education / Training Advisor for West Africa of the SDC

4.00 - 5.00 PM Discussion

Tuesday 24th Nov

Gender Equality: what’s the status quo?

The status quo of gender equality in Africa refers to the current state of affairs as it is, or in other words, the oppression women receive to this moment. Women
are responsible for 60% of the work done globally, yet earn just 10% income and 1% of the property. In Africa, 70% of women are financially excluded. The continent has a US$42 billion financing gap between men and women. In addition, there exist many other causes for gender inequality in Africa being: lack of legal protection, lack of bodily autonomy, poor medical care, societal mindset, uneven
access to education…