Ms. Nchimunya Hamukoma

Economist and Policy Strategist (South Africa)

Nchimunya Hamukoma is an Economist & Policy Strategist based in Johannesburg and is passionate about optimizing the conditions for human thriving. Her work focuses on understanding the policy building blocks of Africa's  future and helping governments and organizations solve complex problems. During Covid-19 she worked with organisations to forecast the trajectory of the crisis, designing and dispersing a R5 million food security grant in Gauteng. She's worked widely across the continent in Morocco, South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana and previously led the research for the Brenthurst Foundation's Future of African Cities Project. She recently published a chapter on electricity reform in the  volume, Duality by Design -The Global Race to Build Africa's Infrastructure.

11.00 AM - 12.00 PM Discussion

Monday 23rd Nov

Overview of the challenges and opportunities in Africa

The African region or the mother continent, known for its abundant natural resources and favorable conditions, creates a multitude of opportunities for all.

The session aims to introduce the different challenges Africa is facing but also how to switch these challenges into opportunities for youth