2063 Academy: The journey has just begun

 2063 Academy: The journey has just begun

2nd edition of the 2063 Academy

Kofi Annan once said that we are never too young to lead and never too old to learn, in the base the 2063 academy has built; a project aiming to create a common ground between youth and decision-makers to debate the strategies implemented by our government and a space for critical conversations about the future of our continent in order to achieve the SDGs and promote the Agenda 2063. 

The 2063 academy is considered a platform to exchange ideas and experiences between diverse segments of society, a platform to meet decision-makers.

On its 1st edition, the 2063 academy impacted over 80 participants, with 65% females and 35% males divided into two groups; the first group was working on the 3rd SDG goal, which is about health and well being, and the second one was working on the 4th SDG goal which is about quality education.

On its 2nd edition, the 2063 Academy welcomed over 300 youths from over 35 countries of the African continent. It was held online from the 23rd to the 28th of November, in 6 days of fruitful training, workshops, discussions, and debates amongst the participants who demonstrated how bright, ambitious, yet realistic the future our beloved continent will have. 

There were a variety of interesting topics that were tackled in each day of the 2063 academy such as, the discussion about “The overview of the challenges and opportunities in Africa,” “Gender Equality: what’s the status quo?” and “The intergenerational dialogue: the African youth we want.” There also were many fun and interactive workshops like the one about “Collective and Emotional Intelligence.” and that of “Cre-activity: Improve your creativity through fun and creative activities.”

Throughout the whole program of the 2nd edition of the 2063 Academy, a variety of discussions and debates took place, where multiple opinions were stated and claimed. Here we will put some of the remarkable quotes said during the 2nd edition of the 2063 academy.